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Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies

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There is no shortage of chocolate chips or fresh walnuts in this cookie. Hand-dipped in chocolate, it promises to satisfy the serious chocolate lover.

For the chocolate lover, nothing can satisfy their desire but chocolate itself, and these cookies are the perfect chocolate “fix.” Each bite is filled with delicious fresh chocolate chips and hand chopped walnuts. Hand dipped in milk chocolate is the “extra” in this cookie that causes it to rise above your traditional chocolate chip cookie. Everyone agrees that these cookies are a true winner!

Allergy: These cookies are made in a facility that uses nuts and dairy products. This product contains eggs, soy, nuts and wheat.

“During the summer months, we will not be dipping our chocolate chip cookies in that extra layer of chocolate. We promise they’re still delicious, and we will get back to dipping once the summer heat has lifted.”

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